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   Lofoten is the name of an island chain off the coast of Norway,
during WW2 German forces occupied the country and surrounding islands.
  The action takes place on an island named "Svolvaer".
 Before the war,the island was used by locals for fishing.
1943: The island has now been converted to a top secret fueling and supply port for the Axis submarine "wolf packs" to attack the U.S.and British ship convoys using the Atlantic.
  The island's solid rock and natural caves have been used and tunneled out and a radar controlled artillery cannon and submarine pen have been built on and inside the island.
  Real events of WW2 and the original "Return to Wolfenstein" single player mission cross over to bring a new adventure to the RtCW community.
Norwegian underground intelligence and the O.S.A.
[Office of Secret Actions] have learned that recently the Axis forces have been dealing with the occult and top secret reserch headed by SS-Oberfuhrer Wilhelm "DeathsHead" Strasse a brillant German officer and scientist.
  Within the last 48 hours our agent William "BJ" Blazkowicz tracked Death's Head to a secret submarine facility,unfortunately he escaped,Blazkowicz was able to secure information on Death's Head's intended destination from a captured German left behind.
  YOUR MISSION: Death's Head's escape in his submarine for an unknown location in Norway was vague,but thanks to underground Norwegian agents,we have learned that the German scientist has made a stopover on the island of Svolvaer in the Lofoten island chain,to refuel and supply his sub for his final trip to the X labs..your objective is to take an elite squad of soldiers to the island.
 The island is heavily defended by the massive artillery cannon and the waters are protected by anti sub nets.Air,sea and sub approaches are impossible.
  We've learned that the local residents on a weekly basis use their private fishing boats to travel from the mainland to the island to take food to the German troops,this has opened the door for your squad to sneak in by night aboard 2 of the boats.
   Your objectives are to destroy the artillery cannon,and with any luck Strasse may just still be on the island,do as much damage to his submarine and if all possible delay his plans for the "project" he is working on.

[ Seagulls Witness the Action ]

[ An Alternate Path Around the Island ]

[ An Axis Guardtower Keeping Watch ]

[ Axis Conference Room ]

[A Fishing Boat Cruises the Island]

[ The First Allied Objective! ]

[ Fishing Boat Passes the Lighthouse ]

[ Interior Route to the Radar Unit ]

[ Interior Base ]

[ VIP Quarters ]

[ Axis Base Interior Corridor ]

[ A Local Resident Prepares for the Action ]