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Fistful of Frags Official Sound FX Website


Download The Wild West Soundpack Here

Click the Link above to Download and install "The Wild West Soundpack" for FoF!

The video below from RYell demonstrates the new mixed dual weapons ability for FoF,it also has my new weapon sounds included 

 S&W Schofield,

Walker Colt and

Mare's Leg !! (Winchester)

Thanks to RYell for letting me join the FoF Dev Team!
These are the weapons sounds I designed.
  The Mare's Leg Winchester Rifle
  Walker Colt
  S&W Schofield
Maps - RobertLee has  new sounds added:
*Updated steam engine room sound has been included
*NEW Boat Whistle
*Player piano song The Confederate anthem "Dixie" is onboard
*Presidio -  Crows and an Owl 's Hoot will now be along for the action in 3.5