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[CTF]Det Pak's Domain

After consideration this week,I've decided to close shop on the RtCW portion of my site.With the lack of player interest in Custom maps and Mods.I see no use in wasting time on RtCW.I recieve no e mails from  my website visitors with comments good or bad on my work.So why bother huh?? The RtCW community has gotten pretty dull.After seeing Rummie's SE maps go aside after a few weeks of play,and after the work I put into the Wild West sound pack..and it's already dead?? All RtCW is now is clans determined to play standard maps..what a waste of time.Even if I do join in on's nothing but "Air strikes" non stop from talentless players with little skill worth playing against.

I'm going to turn my Interest back to Counter-Strike.

Team [CTF] has stuck together and has been a joy to I'd rather devot my time and efforts to my team rather than post pics and make sounds for great maps..that never get played.

Pic of the week: My current multi map project soon for release, mp_lofoten

[Haakon Myhra's MP_Lofoten]

Pic #1 Fishboat Crusing the Island

Listen to my RtCW Mp3s featuring AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" also "BJ's Secret Mission" at